Safety Bulletin

There are many periodicals on the market giving health, safety and environmental information. The problem with most of them is that they are written in very general terms and therefore may contain a lot of information that is not relevant to your business. The QSS Safety Bulletin is different.

Aimed specifically at businesses within the railway industry, the QSS Safety Bulletin is focussed to the activities of your organisation. Produced four weekly or eight weekly, dependant upon your preference, each issue will provide you with up to date and concise information on health, safety and environmental issues in the following key areas:-

Industry Standards Details of new or amended industry standards specific to your type of business
Legislation Brief details of new and/or amended health, safety and environmental legislation
Safety Publications Brief details of new health, safety and environmental guidance, codes of practice, factsheets etc.
Safety Press Review Résumés of relevant articles published in the Health & Safety press
Safety issues News and advice on hot issues, coming events etc.
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Up to Date

Stay up to date with the latest changes in safety legislation in the rail industry.

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